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POSTSAVER Post Sleeves | In-Ground Post Protection

POSTSAVER Post Sleeves | In-Ground Post Protection

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By easily fitting Postsaver ground line sleeves to your posts you'll be saving yourself the cost of replacing your fence every few years. Postsaver ground line sleeves have been in production since 1994 and are used all over the world. They are independently tested and proven to dramatically extend the lifespan of wooden fence and gate posts.  20 Year Guarantee on Treated Post,  doubles the life on non treated post like cedar or redwood.

To apply simply slide the sleeve over your post to the required burial depth and heat shrink in place using a blow torch, 30 seconds (various blow torches available on our shop) Once you've fitted Postsaver protection to your posts install in the normal way, ie dig & back fill, concrete or power drive (even into stony ground).

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