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Fence Armor

CAP CLAW™ Fence Post Caps & Deck Post Caps

CAP CLAW™ Fence Post Caps & Deck Post Caps

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Fence Armor® CAP CLAW™ Decorative 4x4 Post Caps

Take post protection all the way to the top with the all-new, end-grain protecting, Fence Armor® Fence Post Caps. The patent-pending interior Cap Claw™ designed by Fence Armor® adds a revolutionary flexibility to our nominally sized, decorative 4x4 post caps. Easily flexing between 3 3/8˝ to 4 3⁄16˝ Fence Armor® Cap Claw™Fence Post Caps and Deck Post Caps provide a snug, custom fit without fasteners, for beautiful, high-quality protection that lasts. And coming November of 2021 our NEW fence post caps 6x6 flexing between 5 1/2˝ to 6 3⁄16˝.

Made entirely in North America, using American steel, Fence Armor® Fence Post Caps are finished with our signature, premium powder-coating. More than protection for post-end-grain, Fence Armor® Fence Post Caps, and Deck Post Caps easily and quickly transform property curb appeal. Add the finishing touch of protective Fence Armor® Fence Post Caps or Deck Post Caps; guaranteed to protect the life and beauty of any fence, pergola, porch, or deck, and more.

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