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Black-Fence-Match | BFM-100

Black-Fence-Match | BFM-100

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Black-Fence-Match™with CPT™ (Combination Paint Technology) is our one step process for long lasting surface protection.

Black-Fence-Match™, our solution to touch-up and complete coating of all steel, black fencing including ornamental iron and aluminum fencing, and gate hardware. Our high quality aerosol formula, incorporates rust and corrosion properties that provides a superior coating unlike any other. With CPT™ technology we now can provide a combination coating of protective primers & sealers that seal the surface, and includes a heavily pigmented, epoxy based top-coat. Easy to apply with a fast-drying time to handle or reapply of only 15 minutes, you’ll be assured fabrication wouldn’t be slowed down. Our final result is a one-step process that Lasts longer, looks great and dries fast for less down time.

 Black-Fence-Match™ (BFM-100) aerosol, Hi-Performance, Gloss, Acrylic Enamel Paint

  • Prime & Topcoat with our One-Step CPT™ technology
  • Amazing Rust & Corrosion Protection
  • Fast Drying Exterior Grade
  • Bare Metal & Painted Surfaces
  • Can be used with Galv-Match-Plus™
  • Meets ASTM D 3359
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