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Bella Color Peel and Stick or Tongue and Groove

Bella Color Peel and Stick or Tongue and Groove

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Old painted reclaimed redwood planks naturally aged, a unique look that will add character to any project. Bella Colours creates a whimsical effect that will be a statement piece in any home or office!

Rewoodd reclaims primarily old-growth redwood planks to deliver the most unique and affordable accent walls and projects.

All our wood is 100% reclaimed redwood, NOT pallet boards or new wood made to look aged or reclaimed.  We offer two different categories of reclaimed redwood to fit any style for your home or business - Make a one-of-a-kind statement with Rewoodd.

Dimensions & Specifications

Tongue & Groove 3/8"(.375 mm)
Peel & Stick 3/16” (.1875 mm)
Width: 5" face (127mm)
Lengths: Varying Lengths: 8" - 48" (203.2mm - 1219.2mm)

Colors: Vary: No two boxes the same. 
Material Common Name: Coastal Redwood
Material Scientific Name: Sequoia Sempervirens
Grade: Reclaimed Weathered Redwood
Milling: Tongue & Groove or  Peel & Stick

20 Sq. Ft. / Per Box

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